Bulletin Board

Activities conducted in the month of June

  • Quiz in Assembly - Science, English, Math, S.ST
  • Science Club - Documentary on Prafulla Chandra Roy (Home assignment-Write a newspaper article on P.C.Roy),Wall Magazine on Effects of Climate Change.
  • Math Club - Documentary on Aryabhatta, Mental Math competition
  • S.St Club - Cartoon movie of Alexander The Great, Wealth out of waste competition.
  • Eng Club - Documentary on Rabindranath Tagore, Creative writing competition, Elocution competition.
  • Art/craft - Poster and slogan writing on Environment Day, Father's Day Greetings Card.
  • Music/dance/drama - Song, dance and skit on Environment Day in Assembly.
  • PE/Yoga - Celebration of International Yoga Day in Assembly
  • Leadership/Entrepreneurial Club - Investiture ceremony, What is Entrepreneurship? Bug list and solutions.
  • Computer/Photography - PPT on Environment Day