• Focusing on integral development needs during the child's formative years
  • Make every citizen of Diya a responsible citizen of society
  • Make learning a delight with a healthy mix of optimum resources.


  • Provide an environment to all students to bring out the best in them.
  • Build a place for the parents and professionals of the highest excellence to come together to develop the citizens of tomorrow.
  • Strike the optimal balance between resources and economics to make the most affordable experience for all.


  • Gain more practical education and basic values in life.
  • Build a stronger bond with family and society.
  • Be ready to understand and face the real world.
  • Be compassionate and respectable global citizen.

We greatly acknowledge the contribution of different persons and organisations to August Foundation and its founding family that allowed us to be able to take the first big steps in setting up this foundation. August Foundation consists of eminent personalities from different walks of life who wish to participate In the strong development of society and its young and bubbling citizens tomorrow.