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At the pre-primary level, we understand the importance of joining hands with parents in the journey of a child’s growth and progress while achieving holistic development. We believe in continuous interaction with parents to keep them updated about their child’s progress.

Apart from these the formal Parent-teacher Meetings are organized thrice a year and must be attended by both the parents. The meetings will enable all parents to clarify their doubts about their children or education in general. The meeting also encourages parents to be aware of their child’s development. Child development report is shared to parents through the Parent Portal.

Primary & Secondary

We maintain a policy of clear and transparent communication with the parents as Parent- school partnership is of utmost importance to enable a student to develop fully in their academic life. Following are the modes of communication.

  • Regular and timely communications are sent to parents through the Parent Portal.
  • Parents are acquainted with the academic session right at the onset of the academic year through Orientation Programs.
  • PTM’s are conducted regularly throughout the year and parents are updated about their child's learning progress.
  • One to one communication with parents is a regular part of our academic calendar.
  • Parents can reach out to school through email or phone calls